"Invest in Detroit by developing its people."

The Spirit of Detroit is a consulting project by Essential Colors to help develop the interpersonal skills of over 100,000 Detroiters. Essential Colors plans to reach the goal by training 50 businesses, 50 schools, and 50 churches. Essential Colors is co-owned by Dr. Sabrina Jackson and Marcel Smith, a communication consulting firm that uses a personality assessment model to help people find T.R.U.T.H.

Essential Colors will provide 2-hour training for any group :

Training will include Icebreaker, Activities, Personality Assessment, Breakdown of Model and Company, and Post Evaluation. All materials for training for training will be provided. Our training will be brought to your place of business and if needed other consider.


Cost: $1000 until the end of April 2019. Prices will rise.


Self- Awareness

Methods of Effective Communication

Immediate transfer of learning

Transferable skills (use in all relationships)

Creates in commonalities and connectedness

Conflict management skills

Information on serving, selling, & synchronizing with Detroiters

Faith-Based Organizations (List)

Businesses (List)

Schools (List)