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Connecting with other humans is the reason we live. All relationships require support to maintain its strength. Essential Colors allows people to not only understand how they are wired but it also teaches them how to deal with people wired differently. When you know/understand what you are working with, you know how to work it.


Essential Colors helps you with your love relationships, parent/child relationships, sibling relationships, extended family relationships, and friend connections.



Specifically, the model has the following:


  • Essential Lovestyles (couples)

  • Essentially Single (dating)

  • Essential Parenting

  • The Essential Family


Make the decision to improve all your relationships and live your life in Color.


Essential Colors is a consulting group that helps organizations and individuals with people dynamics. The psychology based model for people emphasizes people to activate all parts of themselvesEssential Colors is currently co-owned by Dr. Sabrina Jackson and Marcel Smith, the mother and son team, that brings a unique generational connection. Essential Colors specialize in helping people solve their people issues.

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